No-Salt water conditioning

How does it work without salt???

For years, water softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water. Other alternatives including magnets, electro-magnets, RF devices, Citric acid and catalysts have been available, but few have proven to be effective.

Until now we've had a technological breakthrough! (TAC) Template Assisted Crystallization has produced the FIRST EFFECTIVE CHEMICAL-FREE scale prevention.

If you want to know the scientific side of how it works, "TAC employs a special surface-treated resin bead to act as a catalytic nucleation site for the conversion and growth of hardness crystals, which are subsequently released and remain in solution without forming scale." OR "Atomic sized nucleation sites on the surface of small ceramic-polymer beads convert dissolved hardness into microscopic crystals. Once the crystals grow to a certain size they are released from the bead. The crystals in solution keep the hardness out of the water so that it can't form scale or interfere with soap."
In simple terms we take minerals from a solid and turn them into microscopic or Nano crystals so they can no longer stick to your plumbing. As a matter of fact, it works retroactive. It removes preexisting calcium deposits!

However, the process is explained, TAC application has gained wide acceptance in a short time even in an industry bent on fostering and protecting its cash cow, the conventional water softener.

All testing and approval is reinforced by independent third party verifications through an internationally recognized testing protocol for hard scale prevention.

Arizona State University Scale Control Study:

The TAC technology was thoroughly tested and proven by Arizona State University and The Water Reuse Foundation's independent labs using the international/German protocol for scale prevention (DVGW-W512). The results were exceptional, with 99.6% effectiveness ratings - the only water softener alternative technology to reach these success levels.

With our Patented NO-SALT Scale-less media water conditioning system there's no need for replacement filters or additional equipment underneath every counter. Plus forget about buying and hauling heavy salt bags, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.