City System

Problem water is no problem!

Problem water is no problem!

When you install our WHOLE HOUSE automatic water filtration system your water problems will disappear. Rid your water of troublesome taste, stains, color, and odors.
Our drinking water filtration system is more convenient and less costly than buying bottled water. Best of all, it pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day.
During a short 10-minute shower, you absorb 6 TIMES MORE Chlorine than when drinking a glass of tap water because the chlorine soaks into your pores and goes directly into your blood stream.
We will custom build your system to remove Chlorine, Chloramines, PCB's, Synthetics, Pharmaceuticals, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, and hundreds of other man-made chemicals that may come into contact with tap water, and much more. We give you Pristine, Purified, Filtered water from every tap in your home. Better than bottled water. Which produces water ideal for:

  • Drinking, Coffee, tea, Cooking, Ice cubes, Baby formula, Juice concentrates, House plants and Steam irons.
  • 75% of your body consists of water
  • 2/3 of the population do not drink the recommended daily amount. Thirst is a poor indicator of mild dehydration. Look for:
  • Dry, itchy skin, Tired or groggy during day, Headaches, Dizziness, Lapses in concentration, Heartburn, Lower back pain, Dark yellow urine, Mild dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, dry skin & joint pain.

Water is the key to all bodily functions: Circulatory system, Assimilation system, Digestions system, Temperature control and Joint lubrication.

Healthy, great tasting water, while still tackling the effects of hard water.

COMBINE our City system with our Patented NO-SALT Scale-less media water conditioner and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whether you have an existing water treatment system or need a new one, our staff can recommend the system that will meet your water needs. We begin with a series of on-site tests for your water. This allows us to size and build a system according to the levels found so we can ensure these contaminants are reduced and, in many cases, eliminated.

Buy a filter or your body becomes the filter.